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Lennox Healthy Climate - X4575 UV Germicidal Dual Lights - UV-2000

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Lennox Healthy Climate X4575 UV Germicidal Dual Light - UV-2000 There are many things we can't control in our daily lives - our indoor breathing air is not one them. Remove the mold, bacteria and viruses with the Lennox X4575 Germicidal Dual Light - UV-2000 and give yourself and your family clean indoor air. The UV-C lights kill the germs that live on the coil or in the ductwork, making your home a healthier living environment. This ozone-free, dual light system is easily installed in your ductwork and/or above the cooling coil, and with annual bulb replacement, will give you years of clean, comfortable indoor air. The model X4575 also includes the Remote Interlock Switch which automatically turns off the UV light when the HVAC access panel is opened.  In addition to killing the germs in your ductwork and cooling coil your HVAC system will run more efficiently, saving on energy costs.  Feel confident purchasing Lennox Healthy Climate products - they bear the Good Housekeeping Seal! Lennox has been a leader in the HVAC industry for more than a hundred years. They continue their standard of excellence today, manufacturing some of the most energy efficient systems available.  For questions or information regarding this product:
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Brand Lennox
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