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Honeywell DR65A2000 Dehumidifier

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The Honeywell DR65A2000 Whole-House Dehumidifier (replaces the DR65A1000 model) is a compact unit that operates quietly and efficiently to remove moisture evenly from the whole house, while delivering fresh, filtered air. The DH65A2000 Dehumidifier is ideal for usage in single family, multi-family, and larger homes. It is for indoor installation, however optional fresh outdoor air may be ducted via the 6-in. round inlet to provides fresh air throughout the home.

The Honeywell DH65A2000 dehumidifier can be centrally ducted for whole house application, or operate unducted to eliminate moisture problem areas such as attics or a crawl spaces. The TrueDRY DH65A2000 includes an integrated ventilation control to introduces fresh filtrated air into homes while removing stale excess moisture from the home environment. Additionally, the DH65A2000 dehumidifier applies refrigeration and cooling to incomming air, resulting in cooled drier air for increased comfort and efficiency.

If you have questions or need additional information about the Honeywell DR65A2000 Dehumidifier, please call our Customer Service department at 800-707-8159 or Click Here to contact our Sales Department.


Brand Honeywell
CFM 100-200 CFM
Control Manual
Drain Required? Yes
Gallons Per Day 5 - 10
Square Footage 1000 - 2000
Style Whole House
Tank Capacity (Gallons) Remove
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