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Generalaire AC500 - Residential Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner, GFI # 4600

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Generalaire AC500 - Residential Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner, GFI # 4600


Why install a HEPA air cleaner in your home?

Remove Odors And Smoke: Whether from cooking, hobbies, pets, garbage, or smoking, the AC500 will help eliminate annoying odors! In addition, tobacco products contain as many as 4,000 different chemicals; 50 of which are known to be cancer-causing carcinogens. Reduce smoke levels with the AC500.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms: Pollen is a major allergen that can cause miserable symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and more. Skin flakes, urine and saliva from pets can all become airborne.

Breathe Healthier: Find relief from hayfever, asthma, chronic cough, wheezing, sneezing, runy nose, sore throats and other sinus problems.


How The AC500 Works

Air from your furnace passes through two separate filters inside the AC500: a pre-filter with carbon removes odors and a HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particulates.



Maintenance of your new GeneralAire® HEPA Air Cleaner is minimal. To ensure peak performance and reliable operation, simply replace your filter media: Pre-filter with carbon - every 6 months; HEPA filter - every two years. Go to to view a video demonstrating how to change your filters.

Generalaire ARK564 - Charcoal Pre-filter Annual Kit for AC500 HEPA Air Cleaner, 2-Pack, GFI # 4610

Generalaire RHF562 - Replacement HEPA Filter for AC500 Air Cleaner, GFI # 4620



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