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Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier

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Aprilaire 700 Humidifier - Automatic Power Humidifier (Digital Control)

square footage 4200
gallons per day 18
SKU: 700
$274.85 Includes FREE Shipping in Continental U.S.

Full Description

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Quality air is one of the fundamentals of health and safety for your home and family. Many consumers don’t realize that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air – even in areas with heavy pollution! And dry air can be a hazard to your home and your health. Ensuring healthier, cleaner air in your home starts with a quality humidifier you can trust. We proudly recommend the Aprilaire Model 700 Humidifier, a best-selling whole-home humidifier suitable for medium to large homes.

The Aprilaire 700 Humidifier is a large-capacity unit that humidifies homes up to 4,200 square feet and delivers up to 18 gallons of water each day. An Aprilaire humidifier can help relieve and prevent issues caused by dry air in your home, and helps provide comfort and better indoor air quality no matter the season or weather outside. Home humidifiers are an important and essential aspect of your home’s longevity and your family’s comfort and health.

Benefits of the Aprilaire 700 Model Humidifier:

  • Large capacity – humidifies homes up to 4200 square feet 
  • Whole-home humidifier – no topping off small units in multiple rooms 
  • Truly automatic – you’ll never have to guess or wait until you notice dry air 
  • Simple installation – simply install into your supply duct or request a local HVAC professional 
  • Efficient and effective – uses the warm air from your furnace to produce humidity 
  • Trusted brand – Aprilaire humidifiers are a top brand in the industry

This unit features the new #60 humidistat that enables your system to be automatically controlled - taking the guesswork out of the equation! The #60 humidistat mounts directly to your return duct and will notify your humidifier when more humidity is needed to reach the desired set point. No more guessing or waiting until you realize the air is too dry! If you prefer manual operation to automatic, you can have the Aprilaire 700 installed in manual mode.

When it comes to the Aprilaire 700 installation, simply install into your supply duct or request installation from a local HVAC professional. Your Aprilaire humidifier comes with a built-in fan that pulls the warm air from your furnace and uses it to create humidity, making it more efficient and effective at humidifying your home than a bypass humidifier. The plenum (duct) opening measures 14 3/4" by 14 5/16".

The Aprilaire 700 Humidifier comes as a complete system and includes the following items with purchase:

  • #60 Automatic humidistat
  • #35 Aprilaire water panel
  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Saddle valve
  • 24V transformer
  • Owners manual

Add the new Aprilaire 700 Humidifier Annual Maintenance Kit to your order! This convenient kit gives you all the parts you need to maintain your Aprilaire humidifier each year and keep it running in like-new factory condition.

This whole home, fan-powered humidifier is a direct dimensional replacement for the Aprilaire 760 humidifier.

5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


How To Change The Water Panel
Aprilaire 700 Fan Powered Humidifier Water Panel Change

About Aprilaire

Aprilaire has been a leader in home comfort and indoor air quality since 1938 when the company first designed and manufactured air quality appliances. Aprilaire offers a full suite of home appliances such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, ventilation systems, thermostats, and other technology to ensure comfort and quality air in your home.


Best Seller? Yes
Brand Aprilaire
Actual Gallons Per Day 18
Control Automatic Digital
Drain Required? Yes
Equipment Type Whole House Humidifier
Gallons Per Day 15 - 20
Square Footage 4000 - 5000
Style Whole House

Users Reviews

Great Product / Great Service

I ordered the Aprilaire 700 automatic for my new home because I had a similar older model in my previous home that I installed 10 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the humidifier two days after I ordered it from

Review by Nels Jacobsen (Posted on 2/12/2012)
Aprilaire 700

I purchased the Aprilaire 700 on 1-1-2010. I had it installed by a licensed electrician, and it worked fine through last spring, then I had trouble with it blinking and not turning on, progressively getting worse, and finally it went dead. Obviously my

Review by Howard Zimmerle (Posted on 12/26/2010)
Aprilaire 700A Humidifier

I purchased a new humidifier from and received the item in just a few days. I was replacing an older humidifier with the same footprint as the new one. The instructions that came with the device were staightforward and I was abl

Review by Stephen Vincent (Posted on 6/8/2009)
Great humidifier!

Great humidifier! It wasn't very hard to install just follow the directions. It Is a great solution to keep your house from being too dry in the winter. I was tired of messing with room humidifiers and filling them daily and changing filters. Just set thi

Review by Patrick Eddy (Posted on 6/8/2009)

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