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Trion 266380-011 - Air Bear Right Angle-HD Media Air Cleaner- MERV 8, Warm Grey

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Trion 266380-011 - Air Bear Right Angle-HD Media Air Cleaner- MERV 8, Warm Grey


The Air Bear® Air Cleaner uses a combination of four filtering principles including impingement, interception, diffusion and straining. Its high performance, nonwoven, reinforced media captures a wide range of airborne particulate matter. Most pleated air filters capture pollutants primarily by surface loading. This can restrict airflow through your comfort system and result in higher heating and cooling costs.

The Air Bear® Air Cleaner grasps contaminants much like a sponge. Its radial pleating and state of the art fiber design provides maximum dust holding capacity.

• Rated airflow of up to 2000 CFM.

• Non-woven, 5” thick, pleated Air Bear® media filter traps particles as small as 1 micron.

• Tested in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2-2007.

• Efficiency rating of MERV 8 (filter model # 255649-102) or MERV 11 (filter model # 259112-102).


• Quick and easy installation.

• Air Bear® filters capture and hold pollutants inside the filter, allowing air to flow freely through the system.

• Mechanical MERV 8 filter maintains efficiency under all operating conditions, or upgrade to a efficiency MERV 11 filter (model # 259112-102), electrostatically-charged synthetic material, provides superior efficiency with minimal added pressure drop.

• Designed for installations that require a 90º duct adapter.

• Mounts directly to heating and cooling systems.

• Suitable for use with all types of central forced-air configurations.

• Space-saving design is ideal for basement applications.

• Rugged cabinet construction for long life


• Media size: 5” x 20” x 24 ¼”

• Cabinet Dimensions: 25 5/8"D x 24 3/8 " H x 15 1/2" W

• Duct opening: 24" x 8" or 24" x 10"

• Furnace opening: 23" X 13 1/2"

More about Trion Air Bear Whole House Air Cleaners:

TRION® air cleaners feature media filters that effectively capture large and small airborne pollutants to MERV 8 or MERV 11 filtration standards. High-efficiency media air cleaners can clean large amounts of air while offering whisper-quiet operation. The TRION® Air Bear® line of ducted media air cleaners easily attach to your home’s existing or new heating and cooling unit.

TRION® Air Bear® Supreme, Air Bear® Right Angle and Air Bear® Cub media air cleaners offer outstanding performance, effectively removing mold spores, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. Using highly efficient, omnidirectional, synthetic material and an extended surface-pleat filter design, the Air Bear® media filters have been proven to have a higher dirt holding capacity than competitive filters and are over 10 times more efficient than traditional 1” throw-away filters.

 The Air Bear® Supreme and Air Bear® Cub are both one-piece wrap around, 20-gauge cabinets. The Air Bear® Right Angle space-saving design is ideal for installation situations that require a 90° duct adapter. Air Bear® media air cleaners are available in 5 cabinet sizes, 2 filter efficiencies (MERV 8 and MERV 11), and 3 airflow capacities (up to 1,200, 1,400, and 2,000 cubic feet per minute - CFM).

How It Works

The air cleaner is mounted directly to the home’s heating and cooling system. A high efficiency Air Bear® media filter captures the smaller, invisible particles that are present in your home’s air. Air Bear® outperforms the competition because of its highly efficient synthetic material, radial pleating and an omnidirectional airflow design. It has been proven to have a higher dirt holding capacity than competitive filters. That means fewer filter changes and money in your pocket!

Installation Methods

TRION® media air cleaners work within all types of heating and cooling system configurations. TRION® whole-house air cleaners can be easily installed and are suitable for use with all types of central forced-air heating and cooling system configurations. They can be installed in up-flow, down-flow, and horizontal configurations. 


Brand Trion Air Bear
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