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Lennox Healthy Climate Filters – Lennox X6673 Air Filter

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About the Lennox X6673

This newly upgraded Lennox X6673 MERV 11 furnace filter has been improved from a MERV 10. You get the same 20" X 25" X 5" filter media size with the added benefit of better filtration. It’s a no-brainer for improving the air within your home.

This MERV 11 X6673 filter from the Lennox Healthy Climate filters line offers a 98% efficient filtration media, which means it can capture particles within the air as small as 0.3 microns. That prevents particles from collecting on your coils and entering into the air of your home. It’s a win-win for homeowners.

Lennox Healthy Climate filters are a high-efficiency alternative to one-inch filters. The larger media capacity of the Lennox X6673 filter allows for greater dust-holding ability. Keep more harmful contaminants out of your home to ease asthma and allergy symptoms. Also, keep surfaces throughout the home cleaner, as your filter removes them for you!

The Lennox X6673 MERV 11 filter is a suitable replacement filter for the Lennox HCC20-28 Air Cleaner as well as many other Trion Air Bear, Honeywell and Carrier Air Cleaners that accept a 20" X 25" X 5" filter media. Lennox Healthy Climate filters model X6673 is designed to fit the following air cleaner models:

  • Trion Air Bear: 453000-001, Supreme 2000, 455602-001, 447380-002
  • Carrier: EZXCAB020, FILCABCC0020, MPKA0020, MPKA, MACA
  • Honeywell: F25A1068, 1067, 1024, F100-1037, 1032, 1038, 2010, 2044, F150E-1034, F200E-1037

These high-efficiency Lennox X6673 air filters from DiscountFurnaceFilter are brand new, genuine OEM replacement filters. Choose from single, double or six-packs to suit your specific needs.

What do the Numbers and Information Mean on Lennox Furnace Filters?

The line of Healthy Climate filters from Lennox is designed to offer a variety of high-efficiency options for homeowners based on individual needs. Each filter is rated using MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) to help homeowners understand the difference between their options. The scale ranges from about 1 to 20. A rating of 7 or above is considered ideal for home use as it is designed to improve air quality and filter small particles. Ratings from around 11-13 are designed to be highly efficient, filtering out air particles and improving air quality to a level that is ideal for allergies or breathing issues. Ultimately, high-efficiency filters create maximum airflow and help keep your home dust and allergen-free.

How Often Should I Replace My Lennox X6675 Filter?

As a general rule of thumb, 5” furnace filters should be changed out every 12 months or sooner if showing signs of being dirty. The goal is to keep your filter as clean as possible to provide for maximum airflow and filtration. As your Lennox X6675 filter ages, it will not allow particles to filter through as easily. Air filters can get clogged and cause lasting damage to your furnace that decreases its average lifespan. It is in your best interest to change your filter at regular intervals to minimize damage.

Why Choose DiscountFurnaceFilter?

Unlike other resellers, DiscountFurnaceFilter only offers brand new OEM air filters. We offer fast, reliable and affordable shipping. Orders over $50 ship FREE and many orders ship the same day. It is our goal to be your #1 choice for low cost, reliable and quality furnace filters.

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Best Seller? Yes
Brand Lennox
Depth 5"
Dimensions (Inches) 20 x 25
MERV Rating MERV 11
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