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Lennox Healthy Climate - Y6601 PureAir Air Purification System - PCO3-14-16

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Lennox Healthy Climate Y6601 PureAir Air Purification System PCO3-14-16. Would you like to be confident that the indoor air you and your family are breathing is as clean as possible? You can have that confidence with the Lennox Healthy Climate Y6601 PureAir Air Purification System. No longer do you have to worry about what you are breathing into your lungs - with proper maintenance the PureAir system eliminates over 95% of particles like dust, pollen and pet dander down to 0.3 micron; over 90% of microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, mold spores and even dust mites down to 0.01 micron; and VOCs including odors from cleaning supplies, solvents and pet odors. Sound impossible? It's not with the innovative technology Lennox uses to combat these contaminants. First, the Precision Pleat? MERV 16 filter traps the particles as small as 0.01 micron, then they move along and over the UVA lamps exposing them to the titanium dioxide coated PureAir insert (photocatalytic oxidation). Finally, the UV light and titanium dioxide join forces to destroy those particles, turning them into nontoxic carbon dioxide and water. The activated carbon is coconut based, eliminating odors and vapors 20% faster than other active carbon filters. Worried about ozone? Not only is this system ozone-free, it also minimizes and destroys ozone! This is a purification method used in institutions like hospitals to clean and purify the indoor air so you can rest assured your indoor air is as clean as it can be! Lennox has been a leader in the HVAC industry for more than a hundred years. They continue their standard of excellence today, manufacturing some of the most energy efficient systems available. For questions or information regarding this product:
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Brand Lennox
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