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Lennox Healthy Climate - Y1841 Dehumidifier - HCWH-090

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Lennox Healthy Climate Y1841 Dehumidifier - HCWH-090 Do you ever feel too warm inside your home although the outdoor temperature is not hot, and your thermostat is set to cool? Too much humidity in your home may be the problem. By using the Lennox Healthy Climate Y1841 Dehumidifier, you can rid your home of the excess moisture. Lower humidity levels will make your home feel more comfortable without having to adjust the thermostat lower. If you suffer from allergy/asthma symptoms while indoors lower moisture levels can help because mold and mildew need humidity to grow.  You can also save money on cooling costs because properly humidified air will allow you to set your thermostat at a higher temperature while remaining comfortable. Feel confident purchasing Lennox Healthy Climate products - they bear the Good Housekeeping Seal! Lennox has been a leader in the HVAC industry for more than a hundred years. They continue their standard of excellence today, manufacturing some of the most energy efficient systems available.  For questions or information regarding this product:
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Brand Lennox
Style Whole House
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