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Honeywell - HE265H8908 Bypass Humidifier 17 Gallon - Manual Humidistat

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Honeywell HE265H8908 Bypass Humidifier 17 Gallon
Would you like to be more comfortable in your home while saving money at the same time? Then maybe it's time for a whole house bypass humidifier from Honeywell. The HE265H8908 Bypass Humidifier 17 Gallon will humidify the entire home. Adding moisture to the air in your home not only allows you to set your thermostat lower which saves money (humidified air feels warmer than dry air), it helps save your woodwork and other furnishings in your home that are adversely affected by excess dryness.
The Honeywell HE265H8908 is easy to operate. Simply open or close the damper on the unit depending on seasonal humidity levels. The humidifier pads are changed annually and have the Honeywell AgION® anti-microbial coating which helps prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, fungus and algae - giving you peace of mind that the water passing through the humidifier is free from these potentially harmful microbes. The humidifier will disperse 17 gallons of moisturized air into your home per day giving you a comfortable home environment.
Since 1885 Honeywell has been providing customers with cutting-edge technology in the home comfort industry. From the first thermostat to today's innovative Indoor Air Quality products, Honeywell continues to be a leader in the home comfort market.
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Brand Honeywell
Actual Gallons Per Day 17
Control Manual
Drain Required? Yes
Equipment Type Whole House Humidifier
Gallons Per Day 15 - 20
Square Footage 2000 - 3000
Style Whole House
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