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Written by: Will Housh
Indoor Air Quality Expert and President of

Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filters Keep Health Risks At Bay!

Solutions for creating a healthier home for you and your family.

The rapid rise in pollution in the past few decades has adversely affected human health. Pollutants such as pollen, bacteria and dust particles mix easily with air causing asthma, respiratory diseases and common allergies. While we have a tendency to notice major health hazards, we often tend to overlook the smaller problems. A Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filter helps protect your home from these pollutants.

While the typical fiberglass filter protects your air conditioner and heating system, a Healthy Climate™ air filter from Lennox removes the smallest of these particles safeguarding your home. Buying a Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filter is like making a long term investment with lifelong positive results.

In contradiction to the Fiber glass filter with function restricted to removing only large airborne particles, Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filters remove the smallest contaminants that even the standard filters can’t stop. The performance of Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filters has been recognized worldwide and it is no surprise that its effectiveness equates it with up to a MERV 16 filter. Because of excellent air flow characteristics (relative to other high-MERV filters) and outstanding particle filtration capabilities, Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filters protect the health of your family as well as the condition of the heating and cooling equipment in which they are installed.

Adding to the features of Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filters, they are backed by a five year limited warranty on covered components. At, we take the utmost care in providing you with products of the highest quality. Choosing Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filters is an excellent way to upgrade from the generic fiber glass filters in your local hardware store. When it comes to Healthy Climate Air Filters you can easily trust Lennox for it is one of the most respected names in home comfort and indoor air quality.

If you need any more information or have any questions as you consider a Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filter purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team via email by clicking here: I Have A Question

As always, Thank You for shopping at We sincerely appreciate your business.

Will Housh
Founder and President

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