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Written by: Will Housh
Indoor Air Quality Expert and President of

If you are already in the market for a furnace humidifier, you are probably familiar with all the benefits of installing one in your home or office. Furnace humidifiers offer health benefits by relieving the irritation of breathing dry air, which has been proven in studies to lead to healthier lungs and fewer illnesses. A furnace humidifier will help alleviate some symptoms associated with asthma or allergies as well.

To many consumers, another equally important benefit of installing a furnace humidifier is that the introduction of more humidity to the space during cold-weather months allows for a lower temperature setting on the thermostat while still maintaining comfort. Higher humidity levels provided by furnace humidifiers make a home or office feel just as comfortable even though the thermostat is set 2-4 degrees lower. The obvious benefit is that the heating system will use less gas or electric to maintain the space temperature, thus saving the consumer on their energy bills.

In addition, installing a furnace humidifier will help eliminate static electricity build-up and also helps protect wood floors or furniture from drying out and cracking.

There are several types of furnace humidifiers. The most common are bypass furnace humidifiers, power spray furnace humidifiers, and steam furnace humidifiers. Depending on the specific application, square footage of space that requires humidification, and the space limitations for installation, each furnace humidifier category has its uses. Bypass furnace humidifiers, like the Aprilaire 600A Furnace Humidifier, are designed with the fewest moving parts and are typically sold at the lowest price level, but installing a bypass furnace humidifier requires the addition of a bypass duct and some modification of existing ductwork. Power spray furnace humidifiers, like the popular Aprilaire 700A Furnace Humidifier, use a fan to spray moisture into the air stream and can produce a higher capacity of humidification. Steam furnace humidifiers produce the most humidity but are more expensive and require more regular maintenance and upkeep.

We recommend Aprilaire and Lennox furnace humidifiers, and we specialize in the installation and operation of both brands. In our 54+ years of heating and air conditioning experience, we have found that Aprilaire and Lennox humidifiers are extremely reliable, effective, and easy to maintain. At, we carry all the necessary replacement water panels (sometimes called furnace humidifier filters) and other parts.

If you need any more information or have any questions as you consider a furnace humidifier purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team via email by clicking here: I Have A Furnace Humidifier Question

As always, Thank You for shopping at We sincerely appreciate your business.

Will Housh
Founder and President

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