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Essick Air Humidifiers

Bring your home to optimal health and comfort with one of the Essick Air humidifiers at the best price. An Essick Air humidifier adds moisture to indoor air, reducing dryness that irritates to noses, skin, throats, and lips. Healthy moisture levels help prevent germs from accumulating, such as the common cold or flu, in a home. Adding moisture to dry indoor air alleviates sinus congestions, sinus headaches, bloody noses, and irritated vocal cords.

Evaporative Essick Air humidifiers can help raise the relative humidity indoors up to 43% and render most airborne virus particles powerless. Pet dander is reduced when moisture is added to indoor air, preventing allergies throughout the year. These evaporative humidifiers have refillable water reservoirs that do not require a drain or water line. An evaporative Essick Air humidifier increases energy savings by creating a comfortable environment while keeping a thermostat at a lower setting.

Essick Air humidifiers come in a wide variety of whole house and single room humidifiers in many colors and styles. Single room Essick Air humidifiers produce enough moisture in rooms up to 800 square feet. Multi-room Essick Air humidifiers can handle dry air between 801 and 2,000 square feet. Homes between 2,001 and 3,000 square feet can benefit the most from a medium home Essick Air humidifier. Whole house Essick Air humidifiers work with a current heating and cooling system to provide moisture throughout an entire home, especially larger homes with 3,000 or more square feet. (247)

Before investing in a humidifier, determine the needs of your home. The size of Essick Air humidifier varies based on the square footage that you need to be moisturized. Each system has a unique filtration system with an advanced wick design to increase the performance of an Essick Air humidifier. Installing an additional air filter helps reduce odors in your home while the Essick Air humidifier adds moisture to your home, creating an all-around comfortable atmosphere indoors.

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