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American Air Filters 24x24x2 Pleated

American Air Filters 24x24x2 Pleated

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American Air Filters 24x24x2 Perfect Pleat MERV 8

AAF Perfect Pleat Filters are unlike any other pleated filter on the market. They have a MERV 8 rating but the efficiency significantly increases when dust holding starts. The pleated construction helps increase the airflow and the dust capacity of the filters, making AmericanAirFilters more energy efficient. These pleated filters, unlike other pleated filters on the market, hold shape without the use of wire support. This feature eliminates possible injury during instillation. This also eliminates the risk of the filters rusting due to moisture exposure.The perimeter frame is constructed from the highest quality wet-strength 28pt. beverage carrier board bonded to the media pack assisting in holding the frames shape.


Brand American Air Filter

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